Terrence Gomes serves as the President of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC), a citywide coalition of the City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils since January 2013 and has represented and advocated for stakeholders during the twelve years as a Neighborhood Council leader as the Business Representative, Executive Boardmember and the Chair of the Land Use and Economic Development Committee. As President of LANCC, Terrence has facilitated the continued empowerment of the Neighborhood Council system to engage the public to participate and promote more civic engagement while encouraging a stronger partnership between the City and Neighborhood Councils. Mr. Gomes had been on the Mayor’s Budget Advocates Committee through two mayoral administrations and as a Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate for two mayoral administrations and has been re-elected as Co-Chair for the last two budget cycles. During his tenure as Co-Chair and Budget Advocate, Gomes has presided over twenty-three major budget policy initiatives that were enacted by City Council, that has saved the taxpayers of Los Angeles hundreds of millions of dollars while making Los Angeles a better place to live, work and to promote a better quality of life for its residents.

Not only has Terrence been actively involved in local budgetary and policy initiatives which included support for raising the minimum wage for local hotel workers, consolidating city elections to increase voter turnout, and pension reform, he was the authored and advocated for the neighborhood council motion that was presented by Rafer Johnson, Olympic gold medalist, to the Neighborhood Councils that called for the City to declare a state of emergency on homelessness, budget $150,000,000 to the crisis, and to repurpose under-utilized city buildings and abated motels. During this time he organized Operation Reunite which outreached to 71 homeless Veterans living on Skid row in one day. The program offered a warm meal, clean clothes, and a cellphone so that the Veterans could be in contact with service providers. Out of the 71 homeless Veterans encountered that day, twenty-five Veterans were transported to the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration and given permanent housing. Terrence also created a program called Back to Opportunity, partnering with LAUSD and support from Trilogy Financial Services to create a training program to learn a craft in the construction trade for residents returning back from prison to the local community in compliance with AB 109.

Terrence is currently a wealth advisor for Trilogy Financial in Torrance. He has been recognized in the industry by receiving both the Rising Star award in 2009 and the Five Star Wealth Manager award in 2016, as seen in Los Angeles Magazine. Terrence went to Saint Monica Catholic High School, earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and went on to earn an MBA with Distinction and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from the Keller Graduate School of Management.

Terrence is also an active volunteer in the community. He is on the Los Angeles Police Department’s Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) and the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) He supports women’s health issues and is on the Board of Directors for A Vision of Health. Terrence is also a life member of the National Eagle Scout Association, Sigma Beta Delta, and the Los Angeles chapter of the Keller Alumni Association. Mr. Gomes was also recently honored for his advocacy by the Los Angeles City Council for the creation of the Back to Opportunity Program and his community service by the SoRo Foundation with the Susan Bursk Community Service Award.